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Braveheart Engelsk 6. Klasse Vilkårlig
1. Who was the lead character? Tekst/Tal
   —      William Wallace   
2. Who played the lead character? Tekst/Tal
   —      Mel Gibson   
3. Make a short description of the movie Tekst/Tal
   —      William Wallace wife gets killed and he want to bring freedom to the Scottish people   
4. Who is the main villian in the movie? Tekst/Tal
   —      Longshanks   
5. Some girl falls in love with William Wallace and tries to help him. What is her name? Tekst/Tal
   —      Princes Isabelle   
6. Who played Princes Isabelle? Tekst/Tal
   —      Sophie Marceau   
7. William Wallace can speak multiple languages. What languages does he show in the movie he can speak? Tekst/Tal
   —      English and French   
8. In the end Princes Isabelle tries to give Wallace a potion. What do you think is in this potion? Multiple choice
   —      Poison      
   —      Medicine      
   —      Anesthesia   
9. Who are the two friends who watches as Wallace gets tortured and killed? Tekst/Tal
   —      Hamish and Morrison   
10. Who takes over the Scottish rebellion after Wallace? Tekst/Tal
   —      Robert the Bruce   
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