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Themes and topics 2017 Engelsk 9. Klasse Vilkårlig
1. Record the names of the four themes for our final examinations this summer? Video
2. Write down two possible topics for the theme Black America Tekst/Tal
3. Under which theme would the topic Eating Disorder fit? Multiple choice
   —      Black America      
   —      Rights      
   —      Youth Culture   
4. Do a short replay of Megan Meier's story - film and send your acting Video
5. Describe in English the conflict between father and son in The Butler (record your answer) Video
6. After having watched the videoclip - explain what a Freedom Rider is. Video
7. Record a conversation on the themes you would choose and explain why you would choose them Video
8. Write down 3 examples for topics under the theme Cyber Space Tekst/Tal
9. Describe the picture and explain under which theme you would place it. Tekst/Tal
10. Mention 2 pros and 2 cons on Social Media - record your answer Video
11. Watch the 2 first minutes of the video - and tell me what Cyber Caliphate is (record your answers) Video
12. In what connection was this song written? Multiple choice
   —      The President Election 2008   
   —      The President Election 2012      
   —      The President Election 2016      
13. Watch/listen to the musicvideo Heroes - then do a replay on which this song was used in The Perks of being a Wallflower Video
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