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Engelsk 6 a klasse magic Engelsk 6. Klasse Vilkårlig
1. Write a question using the verb "to do". ex.: Do you eat apples? Tekst/Tal
2. Form each group of words into a question. ex: 'angry? – is – cat – so – Why – the' = 'Why is the cat so angry?'. home - will - When - you- be Tekst/Tal
3. When was Harry Houdini born? Video
4. When did Harry Houdini die? Video
5. Houdini gained fame after repeatedly escaping from? Tekst/Tal
   —      police handcuffs and jails.   
6. Imagine that your are making a capsule with important things from Earth to send out into space. What would you put into this capsule? Video
7. write a short sentences and use 'to have'. Tekst/Tal
8. Think of a famous person and have a teammate guess who it is within 20 questions. Video
9. Words that describe what something looks, feels, sounds, smells, or tastes like is an? Video
10. Tell your teammate about your favorite day Video
11. Create a video in which you take a stand against bullying. Video
12. Listen to your senses and write a five senses poem Tekst/Tal
13. create a video in which you dance Video
14. What was the title of the movie we watched? Tekst/Tal
15. write down your teams favorite food Tekst/Tal
16. take a picture of a car Billede
17. Practice your vocabulary, and talk about what you see in the area Video
18. What kinds of American food and drinks do you know? And which of them do you like and dislike? Speak a lot of English, and have fun at the same time. Video
19. what other word do you think of when you hear the word 'friend' Video
20. create a list of good deeds Tekst/Tal
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